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QSIT accepts tuition and fee payments via credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), cashier check or money order.  Please note that credit and debit card payments may be assessed a processing fee by the financial institution processing payments.


The institution only accepts, cashier checks and money orders for the exact amount due. Cashier checks and money orders should be made payable to Quantom Studios Institute for Technology or QSIT.  Cash is not accepted. There are no exceptions.

QSIT can also accept wire transfer of funds from a bank to pay tuition. However, the students must contact a QSIT’s administrative assistant for specific instructions regarding wire transfers prior to submitting a wire transfer. Wire transfers received for more than the approved amount will not be accepted.


If an applicant or student enrolls in classes that are not covered under the terms of their tuition assistance, the student or applicant must either replace the courses with classes that are eligible, or assume financial responsibility to pay the total amount of tuition and fees due for the courses that are not covered by the tuition assistance. 


Please make sure that your total amount due for eligible classes is covered by anticipated funding or some other form of payment.

QSIT’s administrative personnel are available to provide support services to applicants and students in a kind and professional manner.


Each student must sign an agreement to guarantee payment for all enrolled courses.  Students or applicants who need additional payment assistance should make an appointment to discuss QSIT’s Tuition Plan.


Payment deadlines are set one month or 30 days prior to the start of the term for students using QSIT’s Tuition Plan and students that have tuition paid by a third party. If a class starts on August 30th, payment for the class is due by July 30th, otherwise a late fee in the amount of 15%, or $100, whichever is less will be assessed.

 If students using either of the payment methods above registers for classes after the deadline, a payment is due by 5 p.m. the next day.

Tuition refunds and debt forgiveness are granted for the following reasons:

  • Students drop from a program prior to the census date (which is the day after the 2nd class meeting). 

  • The class is canceled by QSIT due to low enrollment.


To withdraw or cancel your enrollment in a program, you must do so in writing prior to the first day of class to avoid financial obligation.  Do not assume your class will be dropped automatically or that someone else can do it for you.  It is your responsibility to contact administration and obtain confirmation that your class is dropped.


  1. Complete a QSIT admissions application.

  2. Participate in an interview with the QSIT selection committee. Questions are asked to assess the student’s ability to communicate effectively, work as a team, as well as their analytical and problem-solving skills.

  3. Each candidate is required to pass a basic math test with a minimum score of 65%.  Almost all jobs require the ability to perform basic math.

  4. Each candidate is required to pass a basic reading comprehension test with a minimum score of 65%. Academic competence in reading is essential to comprehend instructions.

  5. Each candidate is required to take a typing test. Applicants that type less than 25 words per minute will be required to complete the Word Processing program. Although employers expect to provide training on job-specific software, they also expect employees to be proficient with basic computer skills.

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