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All classes are being offered online during this time to prevent the spread of COVID-19


To provide training programs for technology interested individuals to reduce the digital divide, improving their workforce skillset capacity, and increase their livable wages in the Washington Metropolitan Area which includes the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia region.


  • Professionals earn a Diploma or Certificate of completion after training in one of our programs, making them eligible to go to work making livable wages, launch a meaningful career and contribute to our economy and community.

  • Kindergarten through high school students use technology to create, explore and develop useful skills for 21st century jobs.

  • Participants from all levels work together with peers to build 21st century team building skills that will support their growth, learning, and development of leadership skills.

  • Provide engaging opportunities to support learners as they prepare to meet the challenges of a profession.

  • Engage in active on-going conversation with companies to understand the skills needed to prepare students for


Quantom Studios (QSIT) understands that there is a need for comprehensive programs in IT training which addresses what students need to best prepare them for the workforce. We have a variety of courses to provide the right vehicle to achieve personal goals, whether to receive introductory training or high-quality credentials in the form of post-secondary diploma or certifications. Our certificate programs are designed to help prepare individuals to become IT professionals for highly competitive technology fields.


We share the same philosophy for our Kindergarten through high school STEAM programs by designing IT programs that fill the gap for students. Quantom Studios IT programs for school-aged students ultimately prepare them for a career and/or to pursue higher education. Students enjoy the variety of STEAM programs taught by caring and prepared professionals.  We pride ourselves in creating an environment in which students have the opportunity to thrive in order to gain invaluable IT skills.

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