We are seeking enthusiastic, motivated and talented individuals to work as:

·       Lead Instructors

·       Substitute Instructors

This is a summer seasonal position from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the position. Fall, winter, and spring sessions, 12 weeks.


Required Experience:

Instructors and Substitutes must be 21 years of age (instructors). This is a perfect job for K12 Teachers (any subject/grade), graduating college students, or content experts (programmers & gamers). Training occurs mostly online in the month of May and June.


Complete the Teacher application and Background check now, and email to:


We provide enrichment and educational programs to children and young adults in grades K-12.  Our programs are in Creative Sciences and Digital Music and Graphic Arts focus on the combining creativity and technology.  Each course emphasizes self-empowerment, cognitive reasoning, and divergent thinking through hands-on learning. Whether in the classroom or the cloud, we strive to empower believe every student to develop their unique talents and ability.

TOP 5 Reasons to work for Quantom Studios:

  • A Leader in Digital Arts Education: Teach exciting classes like Minecraft, video game creation, movie making, animation, robotics, 3D modeling, STEAM, and MORE!

  • Work from home!

  • We train teachers, graduating college students and content area experts on technology and instruction: You only need the desire to work with children using technology and creativity!

  • Flexible scheduling: Work from 4 weeks up to 8 weeks this summer!

  • Gain Valuable Experience: Build your resume while having a ton of fun this summer.


Below is a link to the application and background check document. Complete both fully. The state requires the original document with a wet signature. Mail applications to:

Quantom Studios

ATTN Employment Application

P.O. Box 1695

Alexandria, VA 22313 



Call 703-969-4880 to meet with a representative and complete, “Meet with a Representative” form (to the left) and you will be contacted soon.

2000 Duke Street, suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314

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