summer academy

Quantom Studios Institute for Technology is offering a Virtual Summer Academy for grades kindergarten through 12th.


To grow the next generation science, technology, engineer, art and/or math (STEAM) innovations through early intervention and training.


Train students in a variety of STEAM programs for elementary, middle and high school students that make learning STEAM fun through hands on and inquiry learning.


There are two sessions:

  • July 7 - July 30

  • August 3 - August 27

Classes are one each day, Monday through Thursday.

Each course costs $375. 



creative coding

We make coding fun!  Students learn programing which helps them to develop important problem-solving skills.  As a student learns programing, they meet challenges which develop resilience.  In today’s job market, these skills are needed in the software industry. Learning to code is a gateway to work in technology.  In our program, students learn coding with interactive activities in a game-like environment.  We use a variety of resources to create stories, play games, and learn to create animation as a process of teaching coding.  Each level learned, presents its own challenges. Once students master the basics of coding fundamentals and concepts, they can move with ease to learn and advance to higher level languages such as Java, Python, and C++ languages.


digital music

Want to be a music producer for the entertainment industry? This may be the trade for you!  This program is designed to introduce students to the entertainment industry featuring music and movie digital sounds. Throughout this program, students will be introduced to digital audio workstation software and technology to make computer music.  They will have an opportunity to learn basic music technology terminology and manipulate the tools necessary to create and save compositions, record audio, work with tracksSome of their work will require them to examine prerecorded media, create a song arrangement, and edit regions which are all important skills to work in the entertainment industry.  Students learn trends within digital audio technology while creating computer music.



graphic design

Want to learn how to manipulate and changes images to make someone laugh, smile, cry or just communicate your thoughts and ideas?  This program is designed so students learn to illustrate using graphic design software to create dynamic images from their own photographs.  They will be introduced to artistic terms and techniques to capture a story using imagery (viewpoint), analyze, to describe their thoughts and ideas visually.  Students will learn to use professional grade image manipulations and adjustments to work with product images or design website layouts as they progress through our program. This includes:  The Rule of Thirds, special effects, perspective rules, framing and editing.   Other features built into this program, informs students about careers in photography, animation, and game development. Adobe photoshop is an example of software we use to teach the various tools within the software.



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