/  Vision

To grow the next generation science, technology, engineer, art and/or math (STEAM) innovations through early intervention and training.

/  Mission

Train students in a variety of STEAM programs for elementary, middle and high school students that make learning STEAM fun through hands on and inquiry learning.

Basic Scratch  The Basic Scratch software helps to establish the fundamentals of programming and helps students master basic concepts such as For Loops, If Statements, and While Loops. Scratch is an excellent way to introduce students to the world of programming through an interactive, game-like environment. We will use this software, along with books, such as Coding Games with Scratch to teach students through IT games. While learning to code we will incorporate incentives such as various student competitions and prizes. By the end of this course, students will have
mastered fundamental concepts and will be ready to learn high level languages such as Java and Python.

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Basic Java  The Basic Java course is intended for any elementary or middle schooler who has a firm grasp of all basic skills and an intuitive understanding of programming, and is similar in structure to a programming class in high school. With the help of the book Karel J Robot, we will teach the students the workings of high-level languages and prepare them for higher level programming classes such as AP Computer Science. Students will learn concepts ranging from polymorphism and conditional statements to methods and classes, all-the while learning in an environment that is full of competitions, prizes, and various games. https://scratch.mit.edu/

Advanced Scratch The Advanced Scratch course builds upon the skills learned in the previous course, introducing more advanced concepts. While Basic Scratch is generally a prerequisite for this course, students who have some experience programming or using scratch may be placed in this course to ensure ease of transition into the Java, Python, and C++ languages. This course will continue to teach through the book Coding Games with Scratch, but there will be
more quizzes and challenges to ensure student progress throughout the course. https://scratch.mit.edu/


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